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The Health Professions Admission Test (HPAT) is a test applicable to students wishing to apply for Medicine in university. When combined with the Leaving Certificate Examination, the HPAT accounts for 34.7% of the points available when applying for Medicine. So when you think of the time students put into Maths, Irish, Chemistry etc. you should keep in mind the importance of putting time aside for preparing for the HPAT exam.

9 reasons to trust The Dublin School of Grinds with your preparation for the HPAT exam:


Students can access our online platform, which contains over 1,700 HPAT questions, with 26 focused drills, 9 sectional exams and 10 full-length HPAT exams. This platform acts as an opportunity for continuous practice and provides instant feedback of results.

Our workshop is delivered by our specialised HPAT teacher, Dr. Zoe Lynch. Zoe is a practicing doctor in St Vincent’s Hospital and is an expert in the HPAT exam. Students will go home with a comprehensive set of HPAT study notes, with an extensive bank of HPAT practice questions, ensuring learning continues well after the course.

The second half of the 2-Day Workshop will give students the opportunity to sit a full-length mock examination under simulated HPAT conditions. This helps students to perfect their time management, which is a crucial element of the HPAT and ensures that they keep their nerves under control when sitting the examination.

Students will be sent their mock examination results, which will include students’ raw scores and a breakdown of what they scored in each individual section (outlining areas they need to work on). Students will also be given a percentile score, detailing the position where the student came in the exam in comparison with other students. This information is of critical importance to the student due to the highly competitive nature of the HPAT.

These expertly compiled notes include questions modelled on past exam questions. Students will work through these during the course, familiarising themselves with the style of questions on the HPAT. The notes include over 300 pages and ensure students have a comprehensive knowledge of what is needed to succeed in the HPAT.

We will demystify this exam, and provide students with tricks and techniques that can be applied to each section of the test. Students will be shown how certain predictable trends appear and recur over and over again in the HPAT. Students will also be shown numerous strategies, which will allow them to answer questions more efficiently than their counterparts, in this notoriously time-challenging exam. These skills will arm students with all the tools required to get the edge in this exam. This vital edge is compounded by the competitiveness of the exam, with only the top 20% of HPAT students achieving a score of 170+, the widely accepted minimum HPAT target.

This guide helps students to tailor their very own individual study plan. This ensures that students focus on optimising their study time alongside the standard Leaving Certificate Examinations. Students’ time is at a premium during 6th Year and this guide focuses on how best to utilise it.

All questions provided at our course are accompanied with fully worked solutions. These solutions also include a full explanation, making sure students know which key words and phrases to look out for when reading HPAT questions.


Students availing of our Diamond Package will receive 5 hours of one-on-one HPAT coaching from an expert tutor.

We offer a variety of packages to help students prepare for the HPAT exam, as seen below:

Package 1: Online HPAT Platform €295
Package 2: 2-Day Workshop + Home Study Pack €350
Package 3: 2-Day Workshop + Home Study Pack + Online HPAT Platform €595 (or if you come in a group of 2 or 3, the price reduces to €425) MOST POPULAR

More details of what is included in each package can be found in the ‘SUBJECTS’ tab or in the table below. For dates and times, simply click the ‘TIMETABLE’ tab.


Information on the HPAT exam:

What courses require HPAT?

  • Medicine in UCD
  • Medicine in Trinity College
  • Medicine in RCSI
  • Medicine in UCC
  • Medicine in NUIG
  • Occupational Therapy (MSc) in UL
  • Speech & Language Therapy (MSc) in UL

What are the key dates for HPAT 2019?

  • HPAT registration opens: November 2018
  • HPAT registration closes: January 2019
  • HPAT exam takes place: February 2019
  • HPAT results released: Late June 2019
  • Deadline to apply to CAO: 1st February 2019
  • The Dublin School of Grinds 2-Day Workshop: October 2018

*Exact dates for The Dublin School of Grinds Free and Paid Courses will be announced soon.

What are the criteria for entry into medicine?

Entry to medicine for school leavers is based on three criteria:

Criterion 1) Achieving a minimum of 480 points in your Leaving Certificate

Criterion 2) Meeting the minimum entry requirements for the course in question (for example, courses would require that you did Higher Level Maths).

Note: Criterion 1 and Criterion 2 must be achieved in the same sitting of the Leaving Certificate.

Criterion 3) Completing the HPAT examination.

Note: HPAT results are valid for one year only, but it doesn’t have to be the same year as in the other criteria above.

To calculate your total points you use the following formula: Total points = Adjusted Leaving Certificate points (explained below) + HPAT score

So the question is, what is meant by “Adjusted Leaving Certificate Points”?

Let us explain…

If you score anything up to  550 points in the Leaving Certificate, then there is no adjustment.

But for every 5 points over 550 points, you get 1 adjusted point.

So for example, if you got 570 points in the Leaving Certificate, your adjusted Leaving Certificate points would be 554 points.

Using this same idea, if you got 625 points in the Leaving Certificate, your adjusted Leaving Certificate points would be 565 points.

Going back to the original formula, we said to calculate your total points for entry to medicine, we would use this formula: Total points = Adjusted Leaving Certificate points (explained below) + HPAT score

So to give one final example, consider a student who gets 585 points in their Leaving Certificate (including the bonus 25 points for Higher Level Maths) and a HPAT score of 185. The adjusted Leaving Certificate score would be 557. Add this to the HPAT score of 185 and we get a total score of 742.

The score required to get into medicine in Ireland varies each year but has been around 720 points.

Do I need to prepare for HPAT?

Yes is the simple answer. Many doctors agree that HPAT is the most difficult exam they faced in their careers. Even students who achieve 625 points in the Leaving Certificate have missed out on a place in Medicine due to a poor HPAT result. HPAT is completely different to any other test in school and by its nature is extremely competitive. Quality preparation is crucial.

But the company running the HPAT exam discourages grinds for HPAT?
This is true. And the reason is simple. They want a level playing field where all students have the same level of preparation for HPAT. Unfortunately, this does not exist. Informed students will excel once they work hard and are given correct tuition and study material.

We must stress that all information included here is not in any way intended as scare-mongering. In fact, there is nothing to suggest that we even agree with the ever-competitive HPAT exam. All we know is that we significantly improve students’ chances of excelling in the exam, leading to a better chance of a career in Medicine.

If there is anything else we can help with regarding the HPAT exam, feel free to get in touch at any time by using our contact form.

Percentile scores explained:

At our courses, you will sit a mock exam. When we correct your exam, we will contact you with your results, including our percentile score.

Note: A percentile is a measure used in statistics indicating the value below which a given percentage of observations in a group of observations fall (hopefully we haven’t lost you there!). For example, a percentile score of 90 means 90% of the candidates scored below you i.e. you are placed in the top 10% of candidates. It is generally accepted that a student must be above the 80th percentile to gain access to a Medicine course.

To get started on your road to a career in medicine, book a place at one of our free courses, click ‘BOOK NOW’.

Online HPAT Platform

What do you get at this Course?

Students can access our online platform, which contains over 1,700 HPAT questions, with 26 focused drills, 9 sectional exams and 10 full-length HPAT exams. This platform acts as an opportunity for continuous practice, and provides instant feedback of results.

Access our Online HPAT Platform here.

2-Day Workshop

What do you get at this Course?

  • 2-Day Workshop
  • Mock Examination
  • Feedback on Percentile Score
  • Over 300 Pages of Notes
  • Study Plan Guide
  • HPAT Information Booklet
  • HPAT Bible
  • Full Solutions with Explanations

Zoe has been teaching at The Dublin School of Grinds for over 5 years. She is a practicing doctor at St Vincent’s Hospital and is an expert in the HPAT exam. Zoe has appeared in the media, including The Late Late Show, in relation to discussions around the Leaving Certificate and the HPAT exam. She has also had related materials published in national newspapers.

Online HPAT Platform
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Course Fees:

  • Online HPAT Platform: €295
  • 2 Day Workshop + Home Study Pack: €350
  • 2 Day Workshop + Online HPAT Platform + Home Study Pack: €595 (or if you come in a group of 2 or 3, the price reduces to €425 each - please call the office on 01-442 4442 to avail of this special offer)   MOST POPULAR PACKAGE

Those who book any of our HPAT packages will receive a 50% discount for any siblings who also book. This offer is not available online. Please call our office on 01 442 4442 to avail of this offer.